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Audit, consulting and training in cognitive management

Spinova: guide to the new

When you innovate, you don’t quite know what you’re going to create … you can’t plan everything in advance, but like the explorer, you can prepare yourself and master it.

Spinova is based on the crossover of organisational and cognitive science theories as well as on the experience of corporate and freelance project managers.

Spinova contributes to the development of project managers’ skills.

Conventional training emphasizes the “How” and tools, Spinova trains to the “what” and to the aesthetic performance. It offers training in cognitive management of the idea & project to facilitate their concretization, in cognitive governance to guide projects and in meta-control of projects for trainers.

Spinova supports managers with the Spinova methodology, managerial innovation, in order to catalyze their thought on their innovative projects in team. It is based on a constructivist approach and constitutes an alternative to industrial models adapted to more or less standard projects.

Spinova continues its research in cognitive control. It brings together a community of project managers and leaders who wish to acquire ergonomic tools to facilitate the control and monitoring of their projects portfolio.

Spinova also proposes to develop a web application to do so.

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Our activities


Increase awareness

We’re all creative … sure.

Improvisation is possible, but you still have to prepare! Spinova offers you initiations on creative process and management to initiate a creative dynamic and learn how to maintain it! How the great "chefs étoilés" in gastronomy are inspired, and also perfumers, writers, fashion designers and designers, architects and entrepreneurs.

What are the methods of these innovative personalities?

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Take up the challenge of every project!

Spinova acts upstream of creative projects in order to organize and implement the measures that will allow you to drive creativity within your company. Your organization may experience moments of uncertainty and blockage, Spinova can then support you. Spinova diagnoses and assesses your cognitive devices in a focus on learning and knowledge capitalization.


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To practice

Create, yes, but how?

Spinova trains you in creativity by making you aware of your own creative mode. Spinova also offers you training in the stimulation of individual reflexivity and of team.

And to become aware of your cognitive biases.

It offers seminars on management catalyst and cognitive guidance for project managers and leaders.

The modules can be done face to face or online.

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Federating an ecosystem

What are the foundations of Spinova?

Spinova is based on an ecology of the idea.

Spinova is inspired by a project management model

constructivist and creative for non-deterministic projects. Spinova’s model is an alternative to the classic sequential one.

What about Spinova in the future?

Spinova’s on-going research in Cognition aims order to better support people, organizations and teams in their creative projects.

Spinova contributes to the emergence of an ecosystem so that project managers are prepared for their business of tomorrow and create the tools that they need taking advantage of the maturity of the NICTs and the AI.

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They didn't know it was impossible so they did.

Mark Twain

A unique methodology

Our principles to build a creative approach

To create is not easy … you have to start with an idea. Contrary to what we think, creators are not quite starting with a blank sheet … They have ideas! But ideas fly away… The creation is capricious, the process is sometimes vague.

However themes emerge, they constitute markers, like a “backbone” of the idea. The project that supports the idea is structured step by step. However, doubts soon come with the proliferation of information. Never mind, we must continue to enrich the idea, to muscle it!

This is what the Spinova methodology helps you to do.

Methodology Spinova: Docteur Catherine POUGET
Dauphine Paris France University (PSL)

Graphic facilitation: Marjolaine Gaudard

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