Debates-discussion on creative people and their way of creating, to raise awareness of the creative posture necessary to get started, to encourage everyone to discover their creative profile and their creative qualities!

Idea emergence

At the beginning, the idea is an image, it is also an impulse, a life impulse. The idea is individual and shared, it is volatile, but also sometimes persistent. It is made of enhancements and revolution. It is sometimes formed slowly, sometimes quickly. It is shaped, sculpted and carved over time.

Its enrichment is based on knowledge, experience, events and exchanges. It is an art.

How to “muscle” an idea?

It is imagined, it is verbalized, it is modeled, it is visualized, and it is drawn.

It co-forms, un-forms and re-forms. The creator is in turn an artist, fashion designer, sculptor, stonecutter, writer, illustrator, cartoonist, actor…

It’s a knack that can be learned.